Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coach

Wellness Academy Certified Health & Wellness Coaches provide support, encouragement and clear pathways to empower individuals to take ownership of their own health, using guided intervention and behavioral practices that are empathic, mindful, and motivational to improve self-care and lifestyle.

A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

1on1 Certified Health & Wellness Coaching


I met Gerry, (Gerald), and was immediately impressed with his knowledge of health and nutrition and how it impacted overall wellness and chronic disease.I personally took his advice and changed my eating and exercise habits and got amazing results.I have been part of traditional healthcare for over 25 years.Gerry’s program and thoughts about how to solve for chronic disease are inspiring in their simplicity. It’s not about expensive procedures and medications but simply about motivating people to do the right things both physically and nutritionally.I highly recommend Gerald J Joseph and look forward to watching his continued innovations in this space we call healthcare.

Ms. N.B., Healthcare Consultant


Physical Activity

Meet Certified Health & Wellness Coaches

Wellness Academy Certified Health & Wellness Coaches partner with our clients to improve their self-care and well-being by empowering behaviors that are evidence-based to improve health, and mitigate disease through 4 pathways: diet, physical activity, restorative sleep, and a positive mindset.

Restorative Sleep

Positive Mindset

Healthy Living Programs

Wellness Academy offers 1on1 certified health & wellness coaching services. Working alongside you as your personal guide and partner, our coaches support clients by building on internal strengths that help facilitate sustainable lifestyle changes. Healthy living is the practice of health enhancing lifestyle behaviors, or simply put, living a life in balance.

Wellness Academy uses a collaborative coaching strategy, our coaches work as a team to help our clients archive long lasting results by actively listening to our client’s needs, setting realistic smart goals, and by engaging our clients on a daily basis to improve self-care and a positive mindset – you are not alone!